Monalisa Johnson, Founder


Monalisa Johnson, Founder of Parents with Incarcerated Children & CEO / Executive Producer

Monalisa is not just an International TV Personality who recently appeared on Season 2 of the hit TV Show “60 Days In” which aired on A&E.  She regularly appears for TV interviews, radio talk shows, and is a sought after for advice on the Prison Family from the USA to Australia and worldwide.  She is also the CEO & Executive Producer who owns Sierra Productions, a largely successful audio/video production and event logistics company, Monalisa Johnson has proven herself to be as an exceptional, accomplished TV Personality, businesswoman and visionary!

Her company’s slogan is “We’re Raising the Standards”, and Monalisa certainly reflects that in her leadership and personal achievements over the past 24 years. She’s worked with a range of acclaimed companies all over the U.S. and abroad of all types of industries including her favorite…social justice organizations. Monalisa inspires others to their greatness often, by coaching them towards the change they need and want in their lives! As one who overcame Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, she has not only learned how to survive, but also to revive and thrive.

Monalisa’s life was completely knocked off course when she received a call in August 2012 from her one and only daughter stating, “Mom, I’ve been arrested!”  Her daughter was ultimately sentenced to 10 years in prison and Monalisa’s seemingly happy, well thought out life, suddenly became unrecognizable.

In the initial years of her daughter’s incarceration, Monalisa’s emotional health was at an all-time low. She struggled with understanding society’s negative and callous view of incarceration, and she also lacked an understanding of her declining emotional health. She realized she had a lot to learn about her new “normal” world of incarceration.

Unable to find any assistance or resources she needed that might help her to cope and improve within her specific circumstances, Monalisa remembered a valuable lesson she learned from her successful professional life: necessity breeds invention and innovation. She decided to create the help that she was so critically in need of. Immediately Monalisa founded Parents with Incarcerated Children, Inc. to make sure that other parents had access to the tools, resources and support they needed to navigate their new journey, with grace and ease.

Monalisa’s mission is to put a human face on the prison family & criminal justice system; incarceration involves individuals enduring a process of imprisonment. However; there are faces, families, people and personal stories behind every incarceration… it is not merely a process. Giving back to others what they need when they need it most is the reason why Monalisa created this organization: to SERVE! Advocating and lifting Parents of Incarcerated Children and their families is a large part of Monalisa’s destiny and testimony. Her journey continues…joyfully.