Hiring Former Inmates

Finding employment with a criminal record can prove challenging.  Many businesses perform background checks on all applicants, and once the organizations learn of criminal activity, many of them don’t hesitate to refrain from moving forward with the hiring process.  Most of those formerly incarcerated persons don’t get as much as an interview.

Fortunately, there is hope.  In an excerpt from, the article mentions several ways and methods in which former inmates can enhance their likelihood of getting hired.  Continue reading below.


 [W]hat can [former inmates] do to increase [their] chances of getting hired? Here are a few tips:

Contact a community organization. There are hundreds of local service providers across the country who specialize in helping ex-offenders find work.

  • Different local service providers offer different services. Some place workers in jobs with local employers. Others offer training and resources to help with your job search.
  • Find a service provider near you by selecting your state in the State Resources box at the bottom of this page.

Use multiple ways to connect with employers. Try several of the following:

  • Talk with family, friends, counselors and others about the kind of work you’d like, and ask for job leads.
  • Contact employers in person, by phone and online to ask about job openings in your field.
  • Apply to jobs you find in online job banks.
  • Attend job fairs and introduce yourself to different employers.
  • Visit employers in your community to apply for jobs.


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